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Starbucks to Release New Fall Drink Line, Spurred by Slight Afternoon Temperature Dip

Henrietta Ko

Taking advantage of the one degree temperature dip last Thursday, HKIS Starbucks released a line of exclusive new fall drinks. John Stone, CEO of Starbucks, explains the launch was meant to herald the arrival of faded green leaves and fauna from their one-day hibernation. “This afternoon, the temperature dropped to an all time low of 25 degrees Celsius, and you know what that means. You asked, and we responded, introducing the Fall Collection™.”
Joe Murphy, executive overseer of Starbucks, promises a range of “unique and innovative” flavors. “Our team has really outdone itself this time. We’re proud to present flavors including pumpkin latte, pumpkin spice tea, spice coffee, pumpkin pie spice mocha, and many other variations.”
The new launch was also meant to capture the “ambience of a beautiful fall in Hong Kong”, he adds. “Cuddling with soft blankets next to a fireplace with the AC on full blast because you’re trying to get into that fall mood but it’s still kinda hot—this is the true Hong Kong fall experience. What better companion than a hot latte?”
HKIS students are already anticipating the collection’s release. Jenny Miller, a frequent Starbucks customer, looks forward to the fall “szn”, because it was finally “#timetobuyexpensivedrinksforthephotos”, and “#vibes”. “I’ve been feeling chilly lately,” she says. “Having a hot drink warms me up to room temp.”
The collection will be officially in stores next week for a period of three days, or the approximate length of the fall and winter season.

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