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A New SAT Score

Emma Pang

November 11, 2020

All around the globe, the first wave of scores have just been released from this school year’s first SAT in September, with the very first 1610 SAT score having been awarded to a junior in Hong Kong International School named John Doe. The maximum score on the SAT was previously deemed to be 1600, but in a surprising turn of events, it has been reported that the very first 1610 SAT score has emerged from the HKIS student population. This reputable information comes from Johnny Doeing, a member of the 2023 graduating class, who had overheard this in the seventh floor boys bathroom.

“I was just using the bathroom when I heard a junior talking to his friend about how he got the very first 1610 score on the SAT! At first I was kinda sus, but then I remembered that this was the seventh floor bathroom where the math and science tutoring centre is and I can trust their reliability,” says a understandably happy Johnny Doeing, the sophomore informant.

Though teachers say they’re skeptic, they are still hesitant to rule out the possibility. If it’s true, John Doe will be hailed a God among the student populus.

Neither the said recipient of this score or College Board have replied to Junto’s request for an interview.


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