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China Cup 2018 Forensics: A "Hard-Fought, Banterous, and Rewarding" Experience

Katelyn Liu

February 8, 2018

Despite all the debate surrounding whether or not Forensics Speaking is a sport, there is no doubt that it is one of the most decorated extracurriculars that HKIS has to offer. This year, competing against students from all over Asia across six different events: debate, oral interpretation (OI), original oratory (OO), impromptu speaking, extemporaneous speaking, and solo acting (SA). From 19th to 21st of January, they went to Shanghai American School Puxi (SAS Puxi) during China Cup, and returned with impressive results, winning third place overall.

“China cup was an amazing experience that allowed novices to develop their skills in a competitive environment,” says Kaylin Chong (11), one of the Forensics leaders. “Considering many of them were new to the event they were competing in (myself included) it was great for everyone to put their practice to the test! I'm so pleased with the results.”

Across the six events, Bo Wen Zhu (10) won bronze in Original Oratory, and Kaylin Chong scored silver in Impromptu. Finalists also include Felix Yeung (9) in solo acting and oral interpretation, Alyssa Fan (9) oral interpretation, and Guinness Chen (11) in extemporaneous, in addition to the team winning the third place trophy overall. Other representatives from HKIS were Justin Choi (10), Mallika Jena (10), Pieter van Wingerden (10), Amanda Cheung (10), Brian Chiang (9), Jay Kim (9), and Eui Hyun Choi (11), many of whom only joined last semester, and all of whom performed exceptionally. Felix (9), who only joined the club this year describes the experience as, “a memorable experience. Competing with Juniors and Seniors was certainly not an easy task, but I think that the team performed very well despite the pressure.”

In the days leading up to the competition, the team underwent intensive practice and training almost everyday after school, developing and strengthening their skills. It’s hard to believe that for many of the competitors, this was their first experience in the competitive forensics world and were able to put together such a strong performance, as Guinness Chen recounts. But despite all the rigorous exercises and battles that the speakers and actors faced, they were still able to bond as a team and create lifelong memories. From countless Burger King meals, heated arguments over a deck or Monopoly cards, and Impromptu games, the speakers were able to connect with like-minded individuals, not only from HKIS but from other competitors and their homestays. And although it’s no surprise that they were able to win third place overall, the dedication, vigour, talent, and hardwork that the team channelled into the competition truly continues to amaze, and as Chen described it, a truly “hard-worked, banterous, and rewarding” experience.

After watching and praising the performances, Mr. McCaughey said of the team,“I’m excited about the potential from the students to develop in the future, and to see where it takes them”


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