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Class of 2023 Officers on their Vision for the Year

Yoonjung Choi

September 18, 2019

In light of Senate elections last Friday, HKIS welcomes our new Class of 2023 officers: Darcy Lin (President), Nicholas Yee (Vice President), Nicholas Chan (Secretary), and Janice Shen (Treasurer). The officers spoke to Junto about their plans, motives, and visions. Let's hear what they have to say! President: Darcy Lin Darcy recalls feeling overwhelmed when she first realized she had gotten the position. She says, “The whole time I was waiting, I was really nervous because I thought that the outcome could go either way to the other candidates. After knowing the results, I was really excited!”

Darcy's vision emphasizes transparency and advocacy for students’ needs, as she wants "everyone to feel safe when they're asking for something". She also explains that she wants to bond the student body to the admin so that it would be easier for students to voice their opinions.

When asked about her motives for running as a candidate, Darcy explains how she had previous leadership experience which let her discover that it was her passion. She also states that she wanted to make sure that she could give change. Vice President: Nicholas Yee Nicholas explains how he wanted everyone to contribute to HKIS as he wants “to make HKIS like a Xiao Long Bao”. He wants to make HKIS a more cohesive community. When asked about his motive for running as a candidate, Nicholas explained that he ran for the class officer because he believes that “we all should have a contribution and voice to the school”.

Nicholas says, “I truly hope that my classmates can feel comfortable enough to approach any of the officers where they can share their ideas with us.” He looks forward to serving the Class of 2023. Secretary: Nicholas Chan First, when asked about his visions for the new school year, Nicholas explained his plans to unify the grade. He says, “I plan to create more events where our entire grade can all meet each other.”

Nicholas also emphasized that he wanted to get to know his classmates better. He explained, “I think that this is also a great opportunity for me to talk to different people that I may have not talked to frequently. Finally, when asked about his thoughts of officially being a class rep, Nicholas indicated how he was thankful for those who voted for him and is eager for planning the upcoming year. Treasurer: Janice Shen As the treasurer, Janice emphasized the importance of using money wisely in order for people to be happy. She explained that she was very passionate about serving all of her classmates in order for them to have a memorable year.

When asked about her thoughts on officially being a class rep, she described how excited she was. "I can’t believe that I am one of the freshman officers and I am definitely excited to plan the great year ahead.” She added how she hopes to be a good class officer to serve all of her classmates the best way she can.

The freshmen officers, Darcy Lin (President), Nicholas Yee (Vice President), Nicholas Chan (Secretary), and Janice Shen (Treasurer) are eager to serve the class of 2023. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the year!


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