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ExCo Senators 2018-2019 Biweekly Updates

In light of elections yesterday, Junto interviewed current ExCo Senators about what they've been up to recently in place of A Minute with Senate (by the Spiritual Community class) last semester. Check it out.

Presiding Officer - Guinness Chen (12): Worked on the leadership retreat as well as ExCo elections.

Senator of Academics - Gracie Chung (12): I've currently been working on the mentoring program for next year's rising freshmen. I met with Mr. Brayko, Dr. Lovelin, Ms. Fine, Middle School & High School counselors to hammer out some details and finalize the logistics. We'll be sending out applications to mentors soon, so please keep an eye out for that! I've also been working with Christina (Sustainability Officer) on an AP/SAT/ACT Prep Book Resale around the Island, so if you're interested in signing up for that, please sign up through this link.

Senator of Athletics and Travel - Jeffery Yu (12): Currently away.

Senator of Discipline - Mike Smith (12): I met with the two candidates running for discipline since the position will be different next year. Senator of Public Relations - Caroline Spackman (12): I've been doing my two posts a week for events/initiatives run by students or valuable trip/competition/whatever opportunities that teachers think would be worth sharing with students. I sit on Site Council meetings and take minutes there. I also worked on a Minute with Senate last semester (not in the class anymore). I design all the graphics for the posts and Senate events and stay in communication with club leaders and Ms. Fine (admin) for promoting specific events.

Senator of Service - Ellis Holcombe (12): Over the past few weeks I have been working on a proposal for a way to categorize service clubs, helping the treasurer make a system for club financial plans, and working with pilot SOS/Service committee. Now that the new ExCo has been chosen, I will start working to make sure they know how to do their job best.

Senator of Student Life - Dixie Lonergan (12): Worked on the Leadership Retreat and am working on a fun game for the student body (confidential for now!)

Treasurer - Daniel Sheremeta (11): Ellis and I have been collaborating on a way for service clubs to be more accountable in their fundraising. We are looking at structuring planning and reporting of fundraising throughout the year.

Secretary - Pieter van Wingerden (11): I provide Senate with secretarial and administrative support and assists ExCo members on a case by case basis. My main duties include taking notes during meetings and organizing Senate files. I am currently organizing the annual Senate Hangout and preparing Senate files for next year’s new Senate members.

Sustainability Officer - Christina Lee (12): Participating in recycling after school and the Sustainability WASC Committee. Working with Middle School for possible events.


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