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Feature a Teacher: Mr. Hamilton

Kaylin Chong

November 20th, 2021

Mr. Chadwick Hamilton is a math teacher hailing from Portland, Oregon. Coming from Korea with his wife and two kids, he has taught math for over ten years now. Along with teaching, he enjoys experimenting with new cooking methods over the weekends.

When asked why he decided to teach math, Mr. Hamilton explained that “he didn’t know what subject he had wanted to teach” but wanted to be a teacher. As he had been successful in math, Mr. Hamilton decided to pursue the subject in college.

As a math major, he fell in love with his field and mentioned how “the more abstract math was, the more beautiful it became.” When asked about his favorite type of math, he paused and remarked that he liked everything besides pre-calculus.

Aside from enjoying math, Mr. Hamilton is a supporter of the Portland Blazers basketball team and an avid skateboarder. Despite not playing any musical instruments, Mr. Hamilton loves listening to a wide range of music such as hip-hop and rap. On the weekends, he loves going out and exploring the food in Hong Kong or staying at home and cooking with his family.

He first got into cooking back in third grade, when his class had to cook a meal and he shared his cooked meal with his mom. From there, his passion for cooking grew. In college, he took inspiration from his dinner club, challenging his friends and himself to cook a dish using a specific ingredient, similar to the concept of Iron Chef.

Touching upon on his own food experiments, Mr. Hamilton excitedly elaborated on his most recent experiments with caramelized sugar. “You [sprinkle the sugar on a tray, put it] in the oven, and it comes out as something that looks like brown sugar but tastes like caramel!”

He also talked about new ideas he could try out and when asked about where he would like to travel, he always chooses destinations for the food. Reflecting on his ethnic heritage, Mr. Hamilton said, “Being part Japanese, I really want to travel to Kyoto, to go to this little shop where all they make is gyoza and rice.”

Mr. Hamilton is excited about the experiences he will have with his family in Hong Kong and looks forward to meeting and working with high school students.


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