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Frozen 2 Reviewed

Yoonjung Choi ​March 2, 2020

Disney has done the impossible by making a wonderful animated-musical sequel. Frozen 2 is full of surprises and answers to the questions we had ever since we saw Frozen. It also presents us with important lessons and songs that will stick with us. Leaving the movie theatre, we are highly likely to walk away humming a song or two similar to the experience after watching Frozen.

In Frozen, we were introduced to four characters displaying qualities such as bravery and love, some, that left us with awe and admiration. But Frozen 2 shows how these characters have changed.

Frozen neatly tied things up with Elsa having embraced her magic while Anna and Kristoff started living a happy life together. The sisters live happily in the castle, enjoying family time and caring for the people of Arendal. However, there is no happily ever after in Franchise Land. Elsa is beckoned by a disembodied soprano whistle, leading her to the Enchanted Forest and to the River Ahtohallan to see the truth about her family’s past. She is afraid yet thrilled to accept the invitation from the voice.

Although some parts of the plot may be confusing for some of the younger audience to understand due to the several new characters alongside the fact that it portrays the ugly history of the US concerning Native Americans. However, this dark mood doesn’t stay for long as there are moments of humor from Olaf. Frozen 2 explores a battle that closed the enchanted forest by a magical fog. The characters are trapped in the forest with indigenous people, the Northuldra. Frozen 2 throws a lot at us like rock monsters, the spirits of earth, air, water, fire, and an adorable fire salamander.

Similar to the songs in Frozen, the songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are melodious with lyrics that sound like your friend sharing their inner-voice struggles. The catchy new music composed and written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez features the same emotional voice. From Elsa’s emotional “Into the Unknown” anthem, “Some things never change” chorus, the more I listen to the songs, the more I’m convinced that it’s as good as “Let it Go”. Although fans shouldn’t expect the same kind of magic as Frozen in this film, Frozen 2 is definitely a thrilling sequel with songs that will keep you singing well into 2020.

The exploration of Elsa’s powers is spectacularly animated. Visually, Frozen 2 boasts the best photo-realistic imagery of any computer-generated Disney animated release. The dazzling, crystal-clear visuals that bring the beauty and terror of the world of Frozen 2 to life are truly stunning. The rich animation and the impressive set pieces like the ethereal water horse that Elsa rides across the dark sea to get to the soprano whistle are delightful and gorgeous to watch.

The plot is also as good as the animations. Through the shocking plot twists, that the audience will face, Frozen 2 fills the gaps of those questions of Anna and Elsa’s family we had in the first film. Frozen 2 reveals the fate of the parents, how Elsa got those powers, and the world outside of Arendelle. Transporting the audience into an enchanted forest, audience members can meet new characters, sing more songs, and hear Olaf’s not always very helpful fun facts along the way of reaching the enchanted forest.

Besides the stunning and powerful visuals, Frozen 2 develops a new idea we haven’t seen in the original film. The sequel again elevates sisterhood, empowerment, love, and acceptance. The idea of friendship remains the heart of the film. Elsa and Anna vow to undo the damage done by their grandfather touch upon themes such as colonialism, climate change, and loss. The movie hints not only at a high-stakes transformation for Arendelle but also for the relationship between the two sisters.

Frozen 2 emphasis remains on the sisters, in a noticeably different way than Frozen. Frozen shows Anna and Else spending most of the time apart, and navigating separate problems. In contrast, Frozen 2 shows the sisters spending more time together often resulting in an argument due to clashing motivations. While Elsa wants to make everything right again, Anna wants to keep her sister safe. The closeness of their relationship when that is in danger becomes the movie’s emotional tension. In “Frozen,” Anna found true love with Kristoff, but in Frozen 2, Anna and Elsa found each other.

The movie also sends the audience a message about responding to change with courage and its challenge to understand the mistakes of the past. For example in Anna’s solo, “the next right thing”, Anna advocates for taking small steps towards change amidst an uncertain future. We see Anna get up when she has no one with her in the darkness. Furthermore, the movie teaches us that growing older brings maturity, which isn’t always a bad thing. We learn that we can fix mistakes in the past as long as we find the strength to do the next right thing.

Needless to say, “Frozen 2” is destined to be one of those movies that we will want to see dozens of times. Frozen 2 definitely shows once again, how perfect the entire ensemble of characters is. We just only wish that it was longer so it didn’t have to end, but once again, once you watch the movie, you’ll be glad that Disney got greedy to make it.


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