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HKIS Media Department Encourages Lovelin to Get Snapchat Amid Online School Disconnect

Emma Pang

January 13, 2021

With the pandemic and online school leading to an all time high with disconnect between students and teachers, the HKIS media department proposed for Dr. David Lovelin to register for a Snapchat. Out of all the apps, the media department reportedly settled on Snapchat, as it’s lack of a picture saving and fun gimmicks like filters and ‘streaks’ would be an easy platform for disconnected teachers to get in touch with students.

The media department, indeed an official group in HKIS faculty, are usually in charge of maintaining the explosively popular HKIS official Twitter, Facebook page and Instagram account.

Mandy Liu, the public relations representative of the media department, stated that, “(David) Lovelin is going to be our guinea pig. Test the waters a bit and see how the younger students respond to his bitmoji profile. Who knows, maybe we could even get a streak going.”

According to an inside source, it took three weeks for the media department to capture Dr. Lovelin’s likeness in a bitmoji.


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