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Holiday Basketball Tournament Updates

Serena Tam

November 27, 2013

Day 1: November 24, Thursday Today marked the start of the 44th Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament. There were huge turnouts for many of the games; the stands were packed with HKIS students, teachers, and supporters of the other schools.

“I personally love a crowd - doesn’t matter which team they’re on. And there was such a huge crowd watching us. The whole stand was filled with HKIS people,” said Net Mongkongpru, #11 on the American School Bangkok girls team. The games themselves were not only intense and lively but also filled with friendly competitiveness.

“People here have better sportsmanship than people we usually play with,” added San Huang, Number 28 on the American School Bangkok girls team. Here are the score results from today: Tomorrow the round-robin games will continue, starting at 8:00 AM. Everyone come cheer for your friends and homestays! Results from tomorrow will wrap up the round robin and determine the final rounds to be played on Saturday. Day 2: November 25, Friday The second day for the Holiday Basketball Tournament passed with equal intensity. “I feel tired, but also excited about the championship,” Jaelen Coney, #14 from Singapore American School said. However, the competition is not the only thing the tournament is about. “I also feel a little sad because it’s going to end soon - there’s only one day left. This tournament is also about building friendships; we all have a lot in common besides the competition aspect, and it’s great that the tournament is an opportunity to meet new people and build friendships worldwide.”

Although the tournament is coming to an end and playoffs are beginning tomorrow, Coney says that winning isn’t the only benefit from a basketball perspective. “The Holiday Basketball Tournament also gives our team a good idea on what we need to focus on, and it challenges the depth of our team and how bad you want to win, how hard you push, how well people will step up to win,” he said.

Here are the score results from today, with ASB leading for girls and SAS leading for guys: Tomorrow will be the playoffs of the Holiday Basketball Tournament. Come watch and support our athletes as they make their way to championships!

Day 3: November 26, Saturday The last day of the tournament was full of riveting and close games, culminating with tense and well played finals. The day progressed with increasing intensity, despite the wear and tear of the tournament. Although the results of the tournament did have a large effect on how athletes felt about the tournament, there was still a prevalent feeling of hope and excitement for the rest of the season. Myles Gillespie from Singapore American School said, “I’m really happy that we did end up winning the tournament, but I’m also looking forward to the rest of the season. We played against a bunch of great teams here, and I’m excited to play against them in future tournaments.” Here is the final breakdown of the score: C1: ASIJ (Girls) 56 vs BPS (Girls) 35 C2: HKIS (Girls) 34 vs SAS (Girls) 33 C3: ASB (Boys) 48 vs TAS (Boys) 52 C4: ASIJ (Boys) 61 vs HKIS (Boys) 41 C5: ASB (Girls) 52 vs HKIS (Girls) 45 C6: TAS (Girls) 52 vs ASIJ (Girls) 46 C7: SAS (Boys) 62 vs ASIJ (Boys) 52 C8: St. Mary's (Boys) 58 vs TAS (Boys) 42 5th: ASB (Boys) 52 vs HKIS (Boys) 44 5th: BPS (Girls) 32 vs SAS (Girls) 55 3rd: HKIS (Girls) 53 vs ASIJ (Girls) 43 3rd: ASIJ (Boys) 47 v TAS (Boys) 44 Girls’ Championship: ASB 60 vs TAS 48 Boys’ Championship: SAS 69 vs St. Mary's 59 Congratulations to the champions: American School Bangkok for girls and Singapore American School for boys! Well done to our Varsity Basketball Boys team who placed 6th and our Varsity Basketball Girls team who placed 3rd. And thank you to all the fans who cheered everyone on!


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