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Humans of HKIS: Blythe Wong

“I don’t think I’m particularly talented in anything, but I am really passionate about biology, specifically, marine biology. And I scuba dive, so that goes hand-in-hand. My interest in biology began with micro organisms. Think about the cells in your body - the mitochondria, every one of your cells - just churning away everyday, creating all this energy for your body to function. The natural world seems so random at times and yet it comes together so well to raise and produce so many forms of life. Because I scuba dive, that translated into an appreciation for the ocean especially when looking at it through the lens of science.”

“I really lacked confidence when I first entered high school. I was not a good student in middle school - AEs, DEs, they all made regular appearances on my report card. Did this lab report once, scored a DE, retook it and still ended up with an AE. It’s ironic because I never thought science would become my favorite subject. My middle school teacher really doubted that I’d do well in Honors Biology as a freshman but I went ahead and took it regardless. I was fueled by fear of falling behind and being a fraud. Everybody seemed to be doing so much at once, too. Being the only sophomore in my AP Biology the following sophomore year, I suddenly had a confidence boost. I realized it’s much better to be driven by confidence and passion than by fear. With fear, you never feel you’ve accomplished enough but get easily complacent with what you get. My advice to anyone is that, in order to succeed in anything, you need to be capable and have genuine passion for it.”

- Blythe Wong, Class of 2021

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