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Humans of HKIS: Mr. Schmidt

“I had to decide that teaching Humanities in high school was worth decades of my time. That’s a daunting decision! It’s probably the most important decision in life.

I was actually getting a degree in Meteorology—weather forecasting. That was my childhood love. Again, I didn’t know myself. It was fun and interesting and I had a passion for it, which is pretty good, better than a lot of people, but I didn’t realize that I would not be satisfied forecasting the weather as a profession! It sounds kind of ridiculous now, but I wasted, in a sense, four years of my life getting a degree in something that I haven’t touched. I wish that I would’ve learned in high school the things that I’m really interested in.

So I was in the middle of my Meteorology program at college and I had some humanities courses, and I thought, oh, this is so interesting! We’re asking all these big questions and use literature and history to come to your own understanding of your own worldview. I couldn’t imagine anything more important to teach.” Mr. Schmidt

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