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Humans of HKIS: Zack Siy

“I was raised Christian. But I realized after several events happening in my life—namely, my mom getting dementia and my parents having a bunch of fights—that I couldn’t logically believe in the existence of an all powerful all knowing all good being who chose not to help people. Even if he did exist, I don’t want to believe in him... Like, okay, ‘There’s all these people who love me and worship me. Lemme just blast a 7 year old innocent kid with cancer.’ Makes no sense.

If you look in the Bible, there’s a very set definition of what people will go to heaven, and everyone else will go to hell. Be Christian, believe in God, da da da. By that rule, everyone who died in the Holocaust would be going to hell. Who’s worse? The person who started the Holocaust, or the all powerful, all knowing, and all divine being sending all the people who died in the Holocaust to hell.” After his zealous spiel, Zack revealed he was trying to embody the “cynical arrogant nihilist who thinks he knows everything.” He is in fact agnostic.

Zack Siy, Class of 2019


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