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Librarian Dive Bombing Student Laptops Has Become a Regular Event

Emma Pang

February 12, 2022

HONG KONG, HK - students are describing this incident as an all around traumatising event after another victim, Croix La Krind, lost her laptop to the frenzied rage of the school librarian- going into cardiogenic shock soon after. A few days after this incident occurred, La Krind and her mother have been seen filing a lawsuit against said librarian, suing for damages caused.

La Krind was ‘as quiet as a firecracker’ according to librarian, Mrs. Givawai. The thirteen and four month old student was working through her h dutifully, when the librarian caught sight and completely unprovoked; dive bombed the student’s laptop. According to eyewitness, Julius Oangre, it is said that the librarian used a free bookmark to aid in this damage, as well as shurikens crafted out of notecards.

“This wasn’t the first time it happened,” Fellow student and close friend, Oangre admits, coincidentally also having recently fixed his laptop - something of no relation to this event. “It was crazy! Croix is actually participating in a five year silent protest against albatross cruelty, so she literally can’t talk. Besides, we were in the project zone either way! This attack was like completely unprovoked, unreasonable, and unsurprising! I don’t think I can ever look at a bookmark the same way, much less go to a like scholastic book fair!”

A student who has asked to remain anonymous says, “None of us saw it coming, she dropped down from the ceiling panel like some kind of spider demon! When I close my eyes I can still see it pulsing behind my eyelids. It was so terrifying, with another such an uncalled attack like that, I’m beginning to think that any student could be next.”

After the librarian attacked the electronic contraption on what is now identified to be a fit of mental instability and rage, Croix instantly went into cardiogenic shock. Due to La Krind’s booming kpop fanfiction blog, the issue has come to light and gone viral. Other students have also come through and anonymously submitted their experiences, revealing that this is not the first time Givawai has attacked someone’s laptop for no apparent reason. In fact, an unnamed senior has even confessed that an anonymous dark website where students bet obscene amounts of money on the next victim of Ms. Givawai exists. “Some people may think that the librarian’s actions were uncalled for,” La Krind’s mother, Franzia, says, “and they’re all completely right. Her reign of terror must end, I am determined to see it through.” She arrived on scene seven hours after the event occurred, due to legal authorities arriving at her ‘flower pots have feelings too’ protest and detaining the suburban moms. Upon arriving, the principal and authorities all denied any of this happening and have refused to release any of the CCTV footage of the time.

A few days after the incident, the mother and daughter duo were seen filing an official lawsuit for court, the date released to be set for December 32nd. Croix even took to her old twitter account, sparking even more heated responses from the turbulent internet. ‘I can’t believe that librarian!!1!1! She has it coming!’ retweets harrystyleswife9182, her comment reaching a staggering thirty four likes and two retweets. This seems to represent much of the internet’s opinion, the consensus being that Cookie Givawai must pay for her actions whether it be done with or against the law.

Image from Monsters, Inc.


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