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New Kids Of HKIS

Ryan Argetsinger

November 20th, 2021

With every new year comes a new sense of community. At HKIS, we've laughed, socialized, and learned together throughout the various school years of the past. But with each year brings new and perceptive students to our school. Without further ado, these are the new kids in town. Newcomers offer our community a chance to gain new perspectives and insight on how school life can be. For students at HKIS who have never faced a transition from one place to another, whether it be from a school in Hong Kong to HKIS, or from the United States to Hong Kong, there is only one pure description that can define this phenomenon: confusing. This year, the school was blessed to have received new students from all over the world. Due to HKIS' world-renowned reputation, new students generally had some sense of what our school was like. Multiple accounts from several different sources of new students claimed that HKIS' reputation was quite good, in general. Ellie Humphreys (10), stated, "I heard about HKIS before I came. I heard the school was amazing and how HKIS was a really good school in Hong Kong." One of the general reputations that most new students agreed on was how the school was highly competitive in both academics and athletics. HKIS has always made the sense of community one of its utmost priorities. Community is what binds us together and strengthens friendships. Gatherings, sporting events, and homeroom are all clear examples of HKIS' mission to create a friendly environment where everyone feels part of a whole. New students claimed that the HKIS community was overall accepting. A new student named Alicia Pryor (10) claimed, "From sports events to community gatherings, there is a sense of unification between our school community." The very first day of school for most new students was "Overwhelming and confusing," according to both Pryor and Humphreys, but in the end, our school welcomed and accepted new students like we have in the past years. Welcoming new members to our community not only shows how great our school is as an educational establishment, but also as an embracing environment center where all are welcome.


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