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New Rule Forbidding Plexiglass on Floor After 16 Injuries ‘Back’-fires

Emma Pang

December 2, 2021

After sixteen students slipped on plexiglass, flailed perpendicular to the ground, resembling cartoon characters skidding on a banana peel, and sprained their back in the process, the administration has passed a new rule forbidding plexiglass on the ground.

The ‘slippery skid’, previously thought to only exist in animation and comedy, was no doubt attributed to the clear and slippery nature of plexiglass.

“Students are no longer allowed to place plexiglass on floors due to it being a slipping hazard,” reads a quote from the weekly newsletter, with the same sentence added to this upcoming Tuesday’s homeroom slides. A cheesy infographic depicting Donald Duck soaring in the air with a banana peel underneath him was also posted by the Senator of Discipline on Schoology. The caption reads, “HELP US STOP PLEX-INJURIES!” in a humorous pun.

Unfortunately, teenagers are rebellious. When told not to do, history has proven that they will do that action precisely.

Discarding plexiglass lazily might have been an accident before, but the new rule has led to an uptick in student-dubbed ‘booby plexi-traps’. The word, a cheap amalgamation of the words ‘plexiglass’ and ‘booby traps’, describes the trend exactly. In an effort to prank their friends, students have been leaving ‘booby plexi-traps’ around the school particularly in the Starbucks student center, various classroom entrances, Cafeteria, and even some bathrooms.

When asked what makes these areas so appealing, an anonymous student answered, “When planting a booby plexi-trap, the floor’s really important. You can’t plexi-trap on the pebbled ground, the slide’s not as funny and it sticks out. You gotta put it in places where [your] victims can’t notice it and where there’s a better slide.” The sleek stone of the cafeteria and carpet of classroom entrances apparently creates a ‘perfect’ slide, while the wood panelling in Starbucks ‘camouflages’ the plexiglass like no other, other sources claim.

Despite the good intentions by the administration, it seems that the nurse’s office will simply be a lot more busy these days.


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