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Popular Shows from Quarantine

Lauren Chong

May 15, 2021

Covid-19. Quarantine. Virtual School. These dreaded words are what come to mind when we look back on 2020, a sad excuse for a year. Although 2020 was a year full of events one would probably prefer to leave behind, one of the more positive aspects that came out of social distancing were the TV shows binged universally. There were a few TV shows that were at the height of their popularity during the pandemic. Taking a trip down memory lane, here were the most popular shows of 2019-2020 sorting into genres, perhaps some will even evoke an unsettling sense of nostalgia.

Reality TV

1. Love is Blind

Love is Blind is one of your typical guilty pleasures, where the concept seems so utterly idiotic that you can’t stop watching. It’s like any other typical reality-dating show, except with its own twist. In this show, single people from around the world try and meet their ‘perfect match’ – without ever seeing their face. This show begs the ground-breaking question: is love truly blind? And is it really possible for someone to fall in love without ever seeing their face?

2. The Circle

The second reality show on this list; The Circle. In this show, contestants compete to win 100,000 dollars by trying to become the top rated ‘influencer’. Contestants create a profile for themselves which other contestants can see. They can’t, however, see the person behind it, giving them the option of faking their profiles altogether. The extent of knowledge the contestants have of each other is only based on a few photos on their profile, a bio, and conversations they had with them. Players get to know each other more in each episode and are asked to rate each other by the end of each episode. Contestants get to eliminate one person. Who will be the last influencer standing?


1. The Good Place

Although released much earlier in 2016, this show has risen in popularity during quarantine due to its philosophical but also light-hearted nature. The show consists of four main characters: Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason, each from a diverse background and unique. In the show, their adventure begins when they each wake up and find out they are in the afterlife, the ‘Good Place’, a supposed utopia. However, they soon find out that the ‘Good Place’, maybe isn’t as ‘good’ as they thought. This show tackles complex and philosophical questions in an easy-to-digest and oftentimes witty way.


1. Money Heist

Money Heist. The show that came out of nowhere but had everybody hooked almost immediately is perhaps the staple show of 2020. It is a Spanish heist-drama that aired on Spanish TV and was later bought by Netflix, the platform where it blew up. Money Heist follows a group of people and a man known as ‘The Professor’ as they attempt to break into The Royal Mint of Spain, an ambitious plan due to the security of the building. On the surface level, the story is about a heist, but the reason what enraptured people so much was the art and meaning behind the show. Riddled with different themes such as rebellion, love, and others, the show captured the hearts of watchers and kept them wanting more.


Insight from students at our school to what they binged during the social distancing period! Matthew Lee (10th grade) recommends: 2GETHER.

Risa Resnick (10th grade) recommends: Sword Art Online and Bungo Stray Dogs, “both anime shows!”

Emi Blakely and Marilyn Ma (10th grade) both recommend: The Good Place.

“A super great watch for really anybody. It’s fun and lighthearted for the most part, but also touches on deeper issues [...] Plus, the characters are super well thought out!” - Emi Blakely

Leanne Lee (10th grade) recommends: 100% Era “it’s about the post-corona society (mainly focused on school and relationships)” and Busted “a really good detective show!” and Girl from Nowhere “it’s a bit creepy but it’s good”. Wow!

Image Credit to Guardian and Deadline.


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