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Two Filipino Fashion Brands to Look Out For

Harrison Chua

March 28th, 2023

  1. Nobody Clothing

"Be good. Do your thing; the best state to become, in this day and age, is to become a nobody. Less pressure, fewer distractions." Nobody clothing, rooted in Cubao (Manila, Philippines), is a young fashion brand excited to share its designs and garments with the global market. Nobody clothing is a brand known for the collective work instead of the individuals behind it. Their team consist of creators, artists, models, photographers, musicians, and areas or many talents. Their phrase "Made by a bunch of Nobodies" recognises the brand itself, along with the people behind the scenes; as they put it ", The products are literally made by the efforts of nobodies. We always operate as a team". The youthful spirit represented by the trendy designs incorporates local Filipino culture and "some inside jokes". The brand wishes to expand and diffuse its clothing and stories to the United States. Nobody clothing currently has 12.9 thousand followers on Instagram, though the number will likely rise in the following months. In the near future, everyone will hear of Nobody clothing; nobody will be ready for it.


Assimilation of culture represented in streetwear. Founded in Filipino and raised in Japan, founders Dominic Yu and Sharraine Muyiama created the streetwear fashion brand known as Scoop. "Skoop is a community more than a brand", Dominic states, "a community of like-minded individuals who love sharing art, culture, music and lifestyle." The Skoop team based their fashionable designs on "scoops of lifestyle and culture", hence the name. Skoop not only creates a cumulative of trendy fashion pieces using local ideas but also openly incorporates the "kommunity" (their consumers) into the brand's decisions, having more than a seller/buyer relationship. "It's always been the Kommunity keeping us going throughout the years, even when times get tough," Dominic explains. With 58.6 thousand followers on Instagram, Skoop is a force to be reckoned with; with its trendy fashion works and its well-built relationship with its "kommunity" Skoop will undoubtedly scoot past its competition.


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