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The Rising Club: Mock Trial

Lina Chen

Mock Trial is a new initiative club that emulates courts and is competed infant of real Hong Kong judges. Weilyn Chong (10) is one of the leaders, and she started the club with a small group who competed in Hong Kong and “got 7/24 school ranking”. The group believed that “it’d be cool to get more people involved in Mock Trial”, thus the beginning of the club.
Not only so, the club has also was also started the club to combine “both acting and speech”, similar to Forensics and MUN. Alicia Pryor (10), winner of the 2017 Best Lawyer says that “ it is a good way to channel your inner ‘lawyerism’. Pryor also describes Mock Trial as a “ simulation that allows you to experience the roles and duties of a lawyer or witness”. Mock Trial “develops public speaking skills and allows you to experience the roles and duties of a lawyer or witness,” says Sarah Dong (10).
Despite the numerous public speaking related clubs that the school provides, Mock Trial has an individual taste for students who would like to pursue the career path of being a lawyer, love public speaking and acting, or simply for others who want some fun with friends outside of class.
Withstanding the challenges the club made of recruiting members at the start, the club has come to flourish. Chong is the proudest of the “dedicated members and the number amount of people motivated to learn more about Mock Trial”. The leaders were not sure “if other people would enjoy Mock Trial… but [they] had no clue what would happen”. As a new club, she believes that they have “made a lot of progress, and a lot of improvements can be made in the future”. Chong encourages everyone to join the club and to “enjoy Mock Trial”.

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