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4 Facts About the ExCo Senator Elections 2019-2020

This year, the elected Senators are as follows:
Presiding Officer: Weilyn Chong (11)
Senator of Academics: Daniel Sheremeta (11)
Senator of Athletics and Travel: Mady Smith (10)
Senator of Discipline: Yong Jae Lee (10)
Senator of Public Relations: George Wan (10)
Senator of Service: Sofia Singer (11)
Senator of Student Life: Mehek Jain (11)

  1. Voter Turnout. Election results yesterday reflected a voter turnout of 70%—the same as 2016 and 2017. Last year was an anomaly with a turnout of 73%, slightly higher than usual perhaps due to the delay in voting by a few days.

  2. First Female Presiding Officer in 7 years. HKIS hasn't seen a female Presiding Officer since 2011-2012 academic year's Mira Naseer.

  3. Grade Ratio. This year, the student body elected three sophomore Senators—highly unusual. The current (2018-2019) and previous ExCo (2017-2018) had no elected junior Senators; the 2016-2017 ExCo had only one elected junior Senator (Samy Morton, Class of 2018, for Student Life). It is far more typical of the ExCo Secretary and Treasurer positions, appointed by the newly elected ExCo Senators, to be held by rising juniors.

  4. Gender Ratio. Four out of seven elected ExCo Senators are female. This year (2018-2019) and last year (2018-2019), we had three female Senators out of seven elected ExCo Senators.

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