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Criminal Minds: A Must-Watch

Sanaya Parekh

Feb 9, 2021

Criminal Minds, which ran from 2005-2020 on a major US network (CBS), was one of the highest-rated shows on air during its run. It enraptured the attention of millions of viewers and kept them at the edge of their seats for 45 minutes each week. This true-fiction series explored the upbringing and background of fictional criminals, and how it shaped them into fugitives of the law. The show had everything from gore, to sarcasm, to heartwarming events, such as kidnapped kids reuniting with their families. It was funny, scary, captivating, and heartwarming at the same time. One of the greatest parts of the show was that each episode had a different criminal focus, hence keeping the viewer constantly interested, rather than having storylines that dragged out over several episodes.

Each episode had a unique plot with a different “unsub” (criminal) and their crime at the center. Following the Behavioral Analysis Unit at the FBI, the show often has you at the edge of your seat and biting your fingernails. Each episode begins with an analytical look at the crime by the Behavioral Analysis Unit, and ends with them catching the “unsub”.

Additionally, the show explores themes of social, behavioral, and criminal psychology. The show's depiction of accurate criminology techniques and behavioral sciences is informative and gives insight into the minds of criminals, as well as how to stay safe in particular situations and surroundings.

The show does an incredible job of balancing investigative storylines while concurrently focusing on the personal lives of the main characters. The cast of compelling and attractive characters certainly helps to keep the audience engaged in the show. Every episode is a rollercoaster and thrilling ride of emotions, ranging from gut-wrenching sadness for the victims and their families to the bloodcurdling feeling of fear to anger for the heinous acts committed by criminals. The thrill keeps you enchanted.

Overall, Criminal Minds is a must-watch show. Even though at times, the show can get terrifying and cause sleepless nights, the payoff is more than worth it.

P.S. Criminal Minds seasons 1-12 are now available on US Netflix. Have a watch if you can.

Image Credit to Showbiz Cheat Sheet


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