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Mimi Gordon and Kezia Leung: #Foodbloggers

Jaeryung Park March 31, 2020

#Foodblogging is a relatively new trend. There are many different types of food bloggers: those who share recipes, write food reviews, food travel, or food photography. HKIS’ very own power food bloggers, Mimi Gordon (11) and Kezia Leung (11), do them all! Mimi and Kezia have been running their food blogs, @mimiseats and @kezpezfood, on Instagram for about two years. With their authentic reviews, food photography, personal recipes, and enduring passion, they’re taking “foodstagram” to the next level. #The beginning Mimi and Kezia’s inspirations to start a food account came from many different places and ideas.

“I loved to watch the food network as a kid, and Mimi’s food account first inspired me because I was already taking photos of my food for fun. I wanted to do something different than others who were making photograph accounts, so that’s how @kezpezfood started,” said Kezia.

Now, they are cruising around Hong Kong together in search of new and diverse cuisine. Of the places they’ve been, Mimi recommends Baked, Maison Libanaise, Nomilkshakenolife (grilled cheese and thick milkshakes), Teakha (cafe with “hipster vibes”), Rempah Noodles, and Samsen. “If you go to Samsen, you must try their pandan coconut dumplings; they are to die for,” she said.

For Hong Kong traditional snacks, Kezia recommends Hong Kee Top Quality Egg Waffles, Cheung Chau (fishballs), Hovers (egg tarts), and Kam Wah (pineapple buns). #Love for food and friends It’s exciting to have a passion you thrive for, but sharing that passion with a friend brings a new light into that joy.

“When we go to restaurants, it’s nice not to feel guilty for taking a few minutes before I start the meal to take several photos. I also love eating with Kezia because we can “hand model” for each other for times when we want to get a noodle-pull shot.” said Mimi.

Kezia added, “I love sharing my passion with Mimi! There are so many benefits when your friend is also a food blogger because we’re always sending each other food recommendations and places for us to visit. And whenever I don’t know where to go, I scroll through her account to find something!” #Tips and advice For aspiring food bloggers, Mimi suggests posting a variety of food on your account. “Try changing up your order so you can review something new. It is important to post consistently. Having an active account will help your page grow quicker and keep your followers engaged.” “My second tip would be using natural lighting as much as possible!” she added. “I would highly recommend investing in a portable ring light. The one I use is one is a clip-on selfie light.

Kezia also suggests following other Instagram food bloggers for inspiration. She often references their photos for lighting and angles, then integrates those ideas into her own pictures to make the food appear as appealing as it does in real life. The main tip they both emphasized is to have fun and maintain a passion for food. #Future goals Both Mimi and Kezia, with their love of food and food blogging, said they wanted to keep the account active in the future. Kezia and Mimi further explained the goals she wants to achieve through her food account.

“I want to release the website that I’ve been designing and create more of my recipes to share. Also, to release Hong Kong-inspired merch that’s by April or May in my account,” said Kezia.

“I’m in the process of creating a Google Maps list for everywhere I’ve been to on @mimiseats so people can see some of the restaurants that I’ve been to and enjoyed,” added Mimi.

For aspiring #foodbloggers, check out their food accounts to see how Mimi and Kezia take food photos and share reviews. For #foodies, scroll through their accounts and indulge yourself!


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